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Who's Shortie?

Shortie No Mass has been in the hip hop game for a minute. In 1993, she was featured on De La Soul’s third album “Buhloone Mindstate”. She immediately followed that release by touring America with De La Soul, Tribe Called Quest, the Alchoholics and Souls of Mischief. It was that same year that she was also featured on The Root’s debut album “Organix”, and performed with them in Europe.


Shortie No Mass, born Terressa Thompson, grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, and relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a child. She has always been a creative soul with a passion for writing. Over the years she has been hailed on of the best female MC’s and has had the pleasure of working with historic artists such as Grand Master Flash, De La Soul, The Roots, Scott Storch, Da Beatminerz, Rockwilder, The Dogg Pounds Kurupt, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Monie Love, Kid Sister and Kanye West. She is also a peripheral member of the Native Tongues.


In 2019 Shortie re-released a 1995 single “Like This” and “U Like My Style” and based on the international success of that project, and fan request, finally decided to release her first full album “Here Goes Nothing”.

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DE LA SOUL - Buhloone Mindstate - In Da Woods -1993


THE ROOTS - Organix - Posse Cut - 1993

DA BEATMINERZ - Fully Loaded w/Static - Woman Lady

TONY TOUCH - 50 More MC's


SHORTIE NO MASS - Like This b/w U Like My Style - 1995

THE MOOD DOCTORS - Outbreak - Blow Your Horn - 2012

SHORTIE NO MASS - Re-Release - Like This b/w U Like My Style - 2019

SHORTIE NO MASS - Here Goes Nothing - 2021


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